Renee Muzquiz


Rochelle Muzquiz

Renée Muzquiz is a Portland-based musician, writer and performer originally from Plano, Texas.

As a singer/songwriter, Renée has released two original albums under the project name Chica y Los Gatos. Her debut album, Perfect Weather was featured in Curve Magazine who urged readers to, “keep an ear out for this one.” Her most recent record, The Clearing features drums and multi-instrumental production from younger brother Ramon (Pageantry) and twin sister Rochelle on harmonies and percussion.Renée has been a guitarist for 18 years and currently plays lead in The Vulva Underground, an all-woman rock revue of which she is a founding member, and in Rochelle’s original melodic rock project, The Yes-And Band.

Aside from actively playing in bands, Renée has contributed her songwriting to various nonprofit projects such as Voices (recording original music to a high school student’s lyrics), Rainbow Roots Project documentary series (interviews with long-term LGBTQ couples), and she also served for three years as Director of Operations for The Jeremy Wilson Foundation musicians’ service organization.

  Rochelle Muzquiz is a Portland-based actor, filmmaker, and musician originally from Texas.

Rochelle spent her childhood performing in plays and making improv videos with a VHS camcorder at slumber parties. When she was 14, she wrote a script using Barbie dolls called Empty Heads and spent the summer building miniature sets in her living room (shout out to Mom!). In 2013, she decided to pursue acting professionally and, until recently, has since spent almost every Monday night working her acting muscle with Kristina Haddad at The Actor’s Lab.

Rochelle plays the world-traveling, amateur detective Marnie Vega in the original sci-fi series pilot Exceptionals, a role that has given her the opportunity to work in Hawaii, Death Valley, and Bolivia; she hopes to continue acting internationally throughout her career. Her passion for the project has led her to also become a writer and producer for the series.

In addition to Exceptionals, Rochelle just wrapped post-production on a comedic film called Half-Quaked, conceived by her friend Casey Pfeifer, in which she plays an ambitious but naïve documentary filmmaker shedding light on Portland’s imminent earthquake.

As a musician, Rochelle has written, sung and played guitar and percussion in Portland bands The Yes-And Band, The Milford Academy, Chica y los Gatos and Atlanta-based Heart Hunters. In 2014, Rochelle and her twin sister got a wild hair (as they do) and wrote and produced a music video called “It’s So Hard (Unemployment is a Full-Time Job).” With it they launched an ongoing project (actually, a revolution!) called Twin Empire.