Renée’s Queer Cabaret Receives Rave Review from BroadwayWorld

Perhaps we are inherently special, collectively sexy, and also minty fresh. I mean, Renée has her own show now and Rochelle made a movie!

According to Portland’s BroadwayWorld, “For me, RENEE’S QUEER CABARET represents everything Portland theatre and queer theatre should be — fierce, authentic, awesome, and worth MUCH more than the ticket price (which in this case was pay-what-you-will).”

Read the full (short but mighty!) review here.

Rochelle made a movie called Half-Quaked!

Over the past 2 years, Rochelle has been working on editing a feature film she collaborated on with her friend Casey Pfeifer, in which she plays a journalist who interviews bunch of quirky characters (all played by Casey!). It’s right up the alley of Twin Empire fans (we need a name for Twin Empire fans that’s in the vein of “Trekkie,” so be thinking about that and submit your ideas)!

In this “ground-breaking” comedy, an earthquake looms as an anxious journalist improvises through the misadventures of making her first documentary. Check out the trailer:

Anxious about an earthquake predicted to hit the Pacific Northwest, Journalist Roberta Aguilar (Rochelle Muzquiz) goes to see a therapist. Dr. Chameleon (Casey Pfeifer) is not Roberta’s first choice due to her questionable methods, but Roberta leaves the session with one solid piece of advice: to channel her anxiety into making her first documentary. So, over the next year, she interviews locals around Portland about earthquake preparedness to make peace with her own inner shakiness.

With the documentary portion of the film structured much like a variety show, Half-Quaked features improvised interview scenarios with five main characters, all developed and portrayed by Casey Pfeifer, interspersed with vlog-like vignettes and spoof ads (and even one real-life interview!) of supporting characters created and improvised by a cast of talented Portland actors and friends.